Luigi Spago is an Italian Creative Director and Chief Executive of his eponymous brand, Luigi Spago

His Napolitan roots emphasise the art of craftsmanship.

Fine tailoring dates back to heritage of expertise which was handed down from generation to the next. Luigi’s involvement with fashion stems from his youth, when he was constantly involved in his family craft: tailoring.

Our Vision

Luigi Spago brings to the consumer a unique product that stands out due to its remarkable raw materials. Luigi chooses the rare and exclusive materials himself for a certain product, delivering a unique line.

We provide the customer with an unmatched experience of oneness, no shirt is exactly the same as the previous one and no leather patch has the same colour as the next. In nature everything comes in different sizes, colours and texture, and as a brand we do not take that away; we simply bring out the beauty in its simplest form.

For each line we only produce a couple of dozen units, with the same material and pattern. And onto the next one, so we can provide a personalised experience, drifting away from the concept of mass production which characterises the modern fashion industry.

Our Mission

We aspire to bring the attention back to hand-made work, the attention to details and finer quality. 

Luigi Spago’s vision aims to bring tradition and the finest quality materials into magnificent handmade goods. Through generational cultural heritage, Luigi Spago is able to create a line made with transcendent Italian leathers, soles, cottons and linen. 

His personal attention to every detail of these handcrafted shoes and clothing,  shines through in the design of each collection. 

I nostri Artigiani – Our artisans

Our products are handmade

by long-standing artisans

who have been involved in

the craft from prior


Leathers – Pelli

Sustainability and taking care of the planet is a crucial part of our identity. 

All leathers used in our shoes and accessories  are sourced from animals exclusively from local farms in the region of Campania, Italy. We use leather from animals used solely for human nutrition, therefore, no beings are used for the simple purpose of apparel, it’s a byproduct. 

The use of special creams and natural ingredients allow our shoes to be an authentic work of art. Our artisans hand-dye the entire shoe, sole included (Prestige line), in order to create the aged look that characterises our patinas. 

The use of vividly-hued patinas, unique reverse patinas and patent ombre techniques make our shoes a true work of art.

Fabrics and origin – Tessuti


Our shirts are made with a 100% Italian Linen and  Cotton. We produce all our clothing in a way that maintains levels of production with minimal environmental impact. We achieve this by only sourcing Italian cotton and linen exclusively, in order to create a light and breathable texture.


Luigi Spago only uses 100% Italian cotton utilising weave patterns and techniques such as Twill, Oxford, Poplin, Jacquard, Fil coupé, Fil a Fil and Zephyr.


Linen´s ancient origin and properties such as absorbency, strength, confort, antiallergic and thermoregulation make this fabric a truly delicate and precious material.

Our linen is what we like to call the Super Lino, characterised by a high percentage of fibers which we get from the best mills in Italy where the rich soil and ocean climate produce a long flax fiber. The result? A strong shirt that is durable while still maintaining its softness.